modern data platform
for fashion industry

What is Bridge

Bridge is an e-commerce analytics platform designed for the fashion industry. It integrates all of your business data, including logistics, marketing and sales, into a single place.

Bridge leverages cutting-edge tech to bring all of your data into a single platform. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your operations and empowers you to draw insights faster and make better decisions.

Out-of-the-box world-class forecasting and advanced analytics

Stock analysis and optimisation for more sustainable warehousing

AI-driven insights & recommendations that give you an edge

Automated business data extraction, validation & storage

How Bridge works

One-stop е-commerce analytics for your fashion enterprise

Why choose Bridge

Fully maintained solution

We take full care of your platform and your reports. You do not need an in-house data team.

Cost and time optimisation

Automation allows your team to focus on decision making instead of reporting.

Cutting-edge data tech

All of the benefits of innovation tailored to your industry and business.

Planning and forecasting

Compare forecasts to actuals and use the insights to adjust your strategy to market developments.


You can opt for reporting adjustments and request custom reports for you stakeholders.

Lifelong data-platform

Bridge scales up with your business and can even be moved onto you own cloud at any point.

Validated reports and KPI's

Utilise a report repository where stakeholders can find or add validated reports for their colleagues to access.

Weekly Sales, Stock and Intake (WSSI)

Additional WSSI capabilities enable you to plan your sales and stock values according to sales trends.


Bridge Analytics


Bridge is designed and maintained by Infinite Lambda, Europe’s fastest growing data and cloud consultancy. We pooled our expertise, experience and insights to create a solution specifically tailored to the fashion industry and customisable to your business.

We believe in making the power of data available to businesses out there and feel that the fashion industry should not be left out. That is why we created an analytics platform that lets your business take full advantage of the latest tech innovations without having to invest in data expertise in-house.

You can now have Europe’s top engineering professionals dedicated to ensuring reliability, availability and accuracy for your analytics, so you can focus on drawing insights and switfly act on them.